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Kylee Ervin


As a thriving entrepreneur and the visionary behind Diamond Coach Leasing, Kylee Ervin has long harbored the dream of bringing Diamond Creek Farms to life. With ownership of this splendid property spanning many years, Kylee's aspiration to transform a majestic structure into a luxurious event venue has finally materialized. Her once conceptualized vision is now a tangible reality, and she is enthusiastic about sharing the exceptional outcome with everyone. Kylee has spared no expense in attending to every detail, blending her exquisite design taste with astute business acumen. Alongside Samantha Heart, serving as the Director of Sales, Diamond Creek Farms stands as the ultimate solution for all your event requirements. We are confident that we have addressed every design aspect that Nashville has been longing for.

Samantha Heart

Samantha Heart boasts a distinguished career spanning two decades in Event Production, Wedding Design, and Venue Management, earning widespread respect within the industry. Recognized for her excellence, she received dual nominations from Biz Bash Magazine as Event Producer of the Year and Venue Manager of the Year. With a track record that includes hosting events for the Hollywood Elite, such as Celebrity Weddings, Oscar Parties, Emmy Parties, Grammy Parties, and two Presidential Dinners, Samantha's expertise shines. Her enduring success is attributed to an unwavering passion for design and meticulous attention to detail, establishing her as a top planner in the field.


"I am thrilled to contribute to this exceptional project. I firmly believe we've addressed the void in Nashville's event venues, offering a blend of high-end design, modern style, proximity to downtown Nashville, breathtaking views, and a seamless indoor/outdoor ambiance. Furthermore, our venue accommodates groups exceeding 250 attendees. Planning World Class Events for Nashville is a source of excitement for me. Kylee is a dream and a true inspiration, and I consider myself fortunate to be part of this incredible project."

Director of Sales
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Meet the team

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