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Meet the team

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Kylee Ervin


    As as successful entrepreneur and founder of Diamond Coach Leasing, Diamond Creek Farms has been a dream of the owner, Kylee Ervin, for some time now. Having owned this beautiful property for many years, the idea of building a luxury event venue out of a big black barn she had sitting on her property has finally come to fruition. Her vision and inspiration has now become a reality. She is so excited to share what they have created here with everyone!  She has spared no expense with the details, with Kylee's exceptional taste in design and keen business sense, together with Samantha Heart, acting as Director of Sales, Diamond Creek Farms is the answer to all of your event needs. We truly believe we have answered all the design elements that Nashville has been lacking.

Samantha Heart

    Samantha Heart is a well-respected industry veteran who has spent the last 20 years in Event Production, Weddings Design and Venue Management. She was nominated twice by Biz Bash Magazine for Event Producer of the Year and Venue Manager of the Year. Having hosted events for the Hollywood Elite, her background includes Celebrity Weddings, Oscar Parties, Emmy Parties, Grammy Parties, and two Presidential Dinners. Her passion for design and attention to details is what made her a top planner in her industry for years.

   "I'm so excited to be a part of this wonderful project. I believe we have all the answers to what Nashville was missing when it comes to event venues...High in design and luxury, modern in style, close to downtown Nashville, views for days and a wonderful indoor/outdoor vibe. Also, it is large enough for groups over 250! I'm thrilled to be planning World Class Events for Nashville. Kylee is a dream and such an inspiration to me. I feel very blessed to be a part of this amazing project."

Director of Sales
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